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Feminist Photography Network (FPN) was founded by Jennifer Long and Clare Samuel, through talks with Mary-Ann Kennedy and Katherine Parhar. We all attended the  Fast Forward: Women & Photography conference in November 2015. We were all moved to continue this vital discussion around gender and our medium. In the contexts of both our locations in Canada and Scotland we wanted to create grassroots ways of supporting women's' engagement with, and interrogation of, photography. Kennedy and Parhar started WildFires, a collective of  Scottish photographers and an online portfolio. We started FPN in Canada, and our focus is on exposure, support for production, critical research into the relationship between gender and the lens, and building international dialogues.  

Feminist Photography Network is administered by Jennifer Long and Clare Samuel.

Left: Farihah ShahLaden Hands, 2017
from the series Bille said 'Strange Fruit'

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